The idea of establishing the regional billard organization was raised a few years ago. The main reason and aim for this time was the willingness to activate the pool sport in eastern part of Europe.In the beginning it was assumed that coordinating of the sport callendars will be enough - unfortunately it could not be solved this way. Cooperation based on the organization of the sport events, searching for sponsors, exchange of the experiences and staff training was needed. One of the most significant issues was to prepare the sport program - which will be attractive and most of all - financially accessible for clubs and sportsmen. The economic crisis has escalated the actions towards integration. At the same time - new possibilities appeared to receive financial support from the European Union. This type of projects can stimulate the billard sport.

On 7th October 2011 the representatives of national billard federations from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia and Slovakia took part in a meeting in Warsaw. After long and interesting discussion it was decided to establish European Billard Council. Even though the member of the Bulgarian Federation could not participate in the meeting, the federation has declared the membership in EBC.

The main assumptions are to stimulate the billard sport in 21 countries: Poland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Georgia and Slovenia. At the same time - ECB is open for cooperation with other organizations and companies in other regions of the world..

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