A. Albulov won Pyramid Tour in Spain

The last tournament of the EEBC Pyramid Tour cycle took place in Calpe (Spain) on the 3-4th October. 36 players from Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Spain joined the competition. Alexander Albulov (ESP) defeated Vadim Polevoy (GER) 4:1 in a final match and won the competition. The bronze medals got Nikoly Ben (GER) and surprisingly Marcin Krzeminski (POL).

The great advantage of the club in Calpe is its location – right next the beach promenade. But the most appreciation worth was the atmosphere created by the host of the tournament: “I felt very welcomed by Sasha Albulov. The atmosphere here is perfect every year and that’s why I love to visit this place” said one of the players. And the fact is that every evening all players were having dinner and were singing together.

Let’s get back to the games. After a short opening ceremony lead by the President of EEBC Marcin Krzeminski all the players were divided into two groups. Matches started at 11:00 am on Saturday. Just after a few first breaks it was obvious that everyone has a chance to win. Artur Zurnachyn (GER) started very well and won first 3 matches without losing any break. Also Oleg Banchevsky (GER) and Alexander Iliopol (no. 1 in the ranking) won their matches in a first stage. It is worth to mention about three ladies taking part in the competition: Olga Skuridina (ESP), Olga Gulceva (ESP) and Aleksandra Neporozhnya (ESP). Two players from Poland made a big surprise. Krzysztof Gardias defeated Dmytry Nosov 3:0. Marcin Krzeminski won two of three matches (defeated V. Chernozov (ESP) and Maxim Darvin (GER) 2:0 but was defeated by Artem Vaker (ESP) 2:3) and got to the final stage.

Results of 1/8 final:
Sergey Porochkievich (GER) 1 3 Alexander Iliopol (GER)
Alexander Albulov (ESP) 3 2 Vytautasa Baltrukevicius (LIT)
Oleh Banchevskyy (GER) 3 1 Dmitry Nosov (GER)
Eduard Purgin (ESP) 0 3 M. Krzeminski (POL)
Eduardo Riazanschi (GER) 0 3 Nikolay Ben (GER)
Vladimir Bukin (ESP) 0 3 Artur Zurnachyn (GER)
Vadim Polevoy (GER) 3 0 Sevak Antinyanem (ESP)
Viktor Ulyanitskyy (ESP) 3 2 Artem Vaker (ESP)
A. Iliopol (GER) 2 3 A. Albulov (ESP)
O. Banchevskyy (GER) 2 3 M. Krzeminski (POL)
N. Ben (GER) 1 3 A. Zurnachyn (GER)
V. Polevoy (GER) 3 0 V. Ulyanitskyy (ESP)

In semifinals V. Polevoy quite easy defeated N. Ben 4:1 but the second match between A. Albulov and M. Krzeminski was very fierce and the 7th brake decided about the victory – Albulov won 4:3.

In the final match Polevoy was not that precise as in previous matches and was defeated by Albulov 4:1.

The tournament in Spain was the last in 2015 cycle. Players competed in 5 tournaments (Germany, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Latvia and Spain) where could collect ranking points. The winner of the cycle became Aleksander Iliopol (GER). Gagik Aratunyan (CZE) took the second place and Marcin Krzeminski (POL) took the third place.

After the decoration ceremony the President of EEBC thanked the sponsors, players and partners for the activities in 2015. “This cycle is our great success. Two years ago we had a problem with finding 30 players. This year 126 people took part in EEBC Pyramid Tour. We have got a really valuable product. I believe that we will get support from the International Pyramid Confederation and our sponsors for the next season” said Marcin Krzeminski.

EEBC Pyramid Tour in Spain - participants
Alexander Albulov (ESP)
The medalists
The winner of the 2015 EEBC Pyramid Tour cycle - Alexander Iliopol (GER)

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