EEBC Pyramid Tour in Prague

The second tournament of EEBC Pyramid Tour 2015 cycle took place in Billiard Center Club in Prague on 21st - 22nd March. 32 players from Poland, Czech Rep., Germany, Slovakia and Spain joined the competition. Sergey Vasilov (Spain) defeated Gagik Aratunyan (Czech Rep.) 3:1 in the final match. Zainal Kierimov (Czech Rep.) and Nikita Sukhov (Germany) got the bronze medals.

Gagik Aratunyan - the winner of 2014 cycle and the silver medalist of the first tournament in Germany was the favourite of the tournament. He begaun with defeating S. Aleksandrov 3:1, N. Sukhov 3:1 and J. Shubin 3:0. In quarterfinal won with V. Ordin and in semifinal defeated Z. Kierimov 3:1. In the same time S. Vasilov was better than N. Mazuiernko (3:0), A. Kushynyenko (3:0) and A. Iliopol (3:1). In semifinal defeated N. Shukov 3:1. In the final should have won 3:0 but have made a mistake striking the last ball and the score was 2:1. In the fourth part was much better than Aratunyan and finally won 3:1. 3 players from Polannd competed in Prague: Michal Kedzior, Adam Sciga and Marcin Krzeminski. The best of them was M.Kedzior who took the 9th place. Marek Potas and Josef Lisik from Slovakia aslo played well and each of them won 2 matches.

The chairman of the Pyramid Committe in EEBC - Veniamin Yakovlev was responsible for preparing the event. Olimp Club founded the gifts for the participants. The cloth on all of the tables was exchanged before the tournament. Playing on the new Simonis cloth was a big pleasure for the competitors. The general sponsors of the cycle are: International Pyramid Confederation, Iwan Simonis, Aramith and Dynamic Billiard. The leader of the event was Paulina Zabek - EEBC Office Manager. The direcot of the cycle is Marcin Krzeminski.

The next tournament of the cycle will take place in Varna (Bulgaria) on 7-8th July.

Opening Ceremony.
EEBC Pyramid Tour - Prague 2015.
EEBC Pyramid Tour - Prague 2015.
Medalists with the organizers.