Gagik Aratunyan won Germany Championships

Gagik Aratunyan from Czech was the best in EEBC Pyramid Open – Germany Championships in Berlin. In a final match defeated Dieter Johns (USA) 3:2.

Vadim Polevoy and Sergej Poroschkevitsch from Germany got the bronze medals. In  general 32 players from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep. and USA started in tournament. The only woman in the tournament – Olga Poleschova from Czech Rep. got a special prize. ‘Billard Club Pyramide’ tournament was a kond of sport marathon. Due to the big number of participants, 3 tables and mixed sport level the Saturday’s matches ended late in the night. The prizes and cups founded by East European Billiard Council were given on Sunday at 8 pm. provided free on-line live streaming from the event. Some of the matches were commented in German, Polish, Russian and English. The guest of the tournament was the President of EEBC Marcin Krzeminski. During the oppening ceremony informed that financial suport for Germany Chmapionships was provided by the sponsors of International Confederation of  Pyramid. It was not a coincidence that banners with Gazprom logo were set around the final tabel. The matches were played on the tables covered with the cloth founded by Tool company from Czech.

GERMANY PYRAMID CHAMPIONSHIP 9-10.08.2014 – EEBC Pyramid Open Final results:

Photo: Participants.

Photo: Medalists.

Photo: The winner.

1 Gagik Aratunyan (Czech Rep.)
2 Dieter Johns (USA)
3-4 Vadim Polevoy (Germany)
3-4 Sergej Poroschkevitsch (Germany)
5-8 Vitalij Zilberscher (Germany)
5-8 Aleksiej Tomilov (Germany)
5-8 Andrej Londarev (Germany)
5-8 Maxim Darvin (Germany)
9-16 Dan Bratu (Germany)
9-16 Alexander Perlovitsch (Germany)
9-16 Denes Levtschenko (Germany)
9-16 Alexander Müller (Germany)
9-16 Eduard Rasanskij (Germany)
9-16 Alexandr Iliopol (Germany)
9-16 Olga Poleschova (Czech Rep.)
9-16 Sergey Pavleczenko
17-24 Nasienie Koffmann (Germany)
17-24 Eugen Kültau (Germany)
17-24 Veniamin Jakowlew (Czech Rep.)
17-24 Sergey Suvets(Czech Rep.)
17-24 Igor Tsurgan(Czech Rep.)
17-24 Marek Potas(Slovakia)
17-24 Edward Janaszek(Poland)
17-24 Oleg Bonchewski(Germany)
25-32 Aleksander Arndt(Germany)
25-32 Nikolaj Moritz(Germany)
25-32 Yuria Stoyanov
25-32 Alexander Ratkov(Germany)
25-32 Dmitrij Terentiev(Germany)
25-32 Grigorij Yakovyan(Germany)
25-32 Ivan Chekanovsky
25-32 Włodzimierz Bielojedow(Poland)