The new cycle of EBC Pyramid Tour started in Berlin. 36 players competed in Pyramide Club. Roman Dictel, who defeated Vaniamin Yakovlev, became the winner. Gaik Aratunian won the bronze medal.

The most numerous group of players were sportsmen from Germany – 29 people. 5 billiard players came from Czech Republic and one player came from Poland and Spain. “Thanks a lot for Valery Kim for preparing the event. We felt fantastic in Berlin” said V. Yakovlev – Director of Pyramid Committee in European Billiard Council. Very positive was also the opinion of Radoslaw Babica – European Champion in pool billiard, who said: “I was very surprised by the great atmosphere of the tournament. We could feel that playing pyramid is connecting us. We were very happy of this meeting”.

During the organizational meeting the lovers of pyramid proposed to include to international ranking 3 tournaments - in Germany, Spain and Czech Republic. The cycle will be complemented with the events which will be organized in Poland and Slovakia.

EBC Pyramid Tour - Berlin - participants
EBC Pyramid Tour - Berlin
EBC Pyramid Tour - Berlin - finalists