Pyramid Tour in Debica
Final - Olga Ivanova (Belarus) and Michal Kedzior (Poland)
Olga Ivanova on the top.

Players from Poland, Slovakia and Belarus took part in the second tournament of series Pyramid Tour. The winner became Olga Ivanova from Belarus. She defeated Michal Kedzior (PL)  in the final 3:1. Bronze medals got Jakub Pociask and Piotr Kędzior (PL). "I had a chance to win but I made to many mistakes" told runner-up Michał. " I slept in the final and I could not show my normal quality of game" Olga Ivanova commented.

The president of EBC Marcin Krzeminski gave special prizes for the youngest player - Vladka Chovanova and promotor of pyramid game in Slovakia Marcel Savel. The event took place in Pino Club in Debica. All matches were broadcasted live on TVSPORTS.PL. EBC Pyramid Tour was supported by European Pyramid Committe. Dynamic Billard Organization and International Pyramid Committee are sponsors of the pyramid tables in Vazec (SK), Debica (PL) and Werbkowice (PL).

Pyramid Tour Ranking after the tournaments in Slovakia and Poland.
1. Olga Ivanova - Belarus 100 points
2. Michal Kedzior - Poland 85 points
3. Marcel Savel - Slovakia 75 points
4. Lucia Gejdosova - Slovakia 70 points
5. Vladimira Chovanova - Slovakia 60 points
6. Veniamin Yakovlev - Russia 45 points
7. Jakub Pociask - Poland 40 points
Piotr Kedzior - Poland 40 points
9. Piotr Kaminski - Poland 35 points
Robin Vladyka - Czech Republic 35 pionts
Vasil Ordin - Russia 35 points
Krzysztof Mysior 35 pionts
13. Maciej Zustin - Slovakia 25 pionts
Janusz Stawarz - Poland 25 points
Arman Akpantayev - Kazakhstan  25 points
Vanesa Listiakova - Slovakia 25 points

The European Billiard Council is planning the last event of the 2012 Pyramid Tour in Praque - 12th-13th October.

Piotr Kedzior - III place in Debica
Lucia Gejdosova and Jakub Pociask
Medalists and organizer
Vladimira Chovanova - 13-years-old Slovakian player
Krzysztof Mysior - Poland